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Hi My name is Aarzoo Khan and my age is 22 years. I'm Delhi Independent Call Girls to look at. I live in Delhi city and I am a Model way, all of you will know who the film maker is, but still I will tell you. The film maker is the one who makes a movie with his hard work, with his brain. Just as a seed has to be served on the sowing, the film maker's life is also Vies. Let's leave all this, you will know my life too slowly but for the moment I am going to tell you that for which I have come now. So friends go on the story without any delay. Friends, one day in the movie world, I met Preeti. When I saw him, I was just watching. His colour was fair and his height was 5 "7 inches. Her body figure was very awesome and her body was the most lip of her body and her boobs were making everyone crazy for everyone. And this was the biggest craze for me. And Delhi Call Girls then we continued to meet like this, when we started shooting together, I offered him a drink, but he did. But after that he bowed before my stubbornness and after that he also drank a peg.
The Best Model Call Girls only then did I talk to her for the first time. I told him hello and then he gave me the answer to Hallo, and gradually slowly, we started talking about it. I started feeling all this good.Now that we had started working together and we again started to do time span with each other. I used to feel very good with him and maybe he was feeling the same feeling which I felt feeling. Just like we used to Russian Call Girls go out to drink coffee after the movie and we used to have time spend with each other. He and I had started coming very close, and then our talk began to happen slowly on the phone so that I used to open it with him. And that too seemed to be very close to me now. We used to touch each other's Jesus several times, which he never considered bad and all such good things were going well.
Then one day Arzoo Khan asked me to watch the movie, so I too did it and then we went to see the movie and there she was sitting so close to me that I was going crazy and my Lund was even crazier. Was there. Now we went to sometime after watching the movie and then we started sitting there and chatting there. While talking, Because of the music loudness, his feet began to tremble and after that he started asking me to go to the floor. Then I also accepted her and then went with her to the dams floor and we started dancing. We had to be very close to talking to each other, so he came in my ears and spoke so that his hot breath was driving me crazy and I was going out of control.

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